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Gastbeitrag – Minimalism von Luboš Čermák

Minimalism ? How can I describe something you feel inside myself and I can not express in words ? It’s a difficult task for someone who knows of only a way to get it out is to create something tangible. This is not to say that words do not have their strength, more people can hit harder than any picture, but I can not. My thoughts are arranged as in my head even you point of simple points which often grow into something completely abstract. Everyone finds his view on minimalism at some point in their lives. I started to grab straight and diagonal shapes already a long time ago . Maybe it was some connection with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, when you tighten the brain constantly forcing things into their simplest perfection ? When you feel that the only edge books lined up with the edge of the table can achieve perfection ? But that’s probably not , because the love of the minimal concept of shapes and colors, I still have . This inner experience but it taught me one thing. Minimalism is a question of deep perception of the world , which is rooted within you , you can not learn it , you must have a feeling for it .

Luboš Čermák


HOUSING DEVELOPMENT – Luboš Čermák – oil painting 100×20 © 2013


— Zu diesem Gastartikel kam es durch einen Post auf der Facebook FanSite von Minimalismus leben. Ich freue mich auf eure Kommentare und würde mich natürlich auch sehr freuen, wenn Ihr eure Kommentare direkt auf Englisch verfasst damit Luboš Sie direkt im Blog verfolgen kann – Michael

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